We offer air services through the network of flights operated by VivaAerobus on national and international routes.

Our air cargo services meet the requirements and / or needs of your shipments through our following services:

Courier and parcel service:

  • For the transport of documents within the national territory up to 3 kg in weight, with a maximum delivery time of 24 hours.

  • General Air Cargo: For the transport of any type of cargo in the airport - airport mode.

  • Live Animals: Designed for the transport of live animals, limited to dogs, cats, roosters, fish, bees and bumblebees. Any other species please review it with an advisor.

  • Human Remains: Designed to transport coffins and / or ashes with the respect and care they deserve

  • Next Flight: Designed to transport cargo on the nearest available flight.

  • Express / Courier Service: No reservation required, we receive a maximum of two hours before flight departure and deliver 30 minutes after arrival.

  • Block Space: Designed to guarantee the transport of cargo on a specific flight. It is negotiated through a separate contract with specific dates. Contact an advisor to check availability of flights, schedules and rates.


Our main strength is to offer ramp services in MEX, GDL, MXL, CUU, TIJ, QRO and MID, serving an average of 900 monthly operations of freighters and / or passengers, of national and international airlines on regular or charter flights.

Our services include:

  • Loading and unloading of luggage and / or cargo
  • Power plant (GPU) and starter (ASU)
  • Aircraft movement (reverse and towing)
  • Signage on the ramp
  • Sanitation / Deep Cabin Cleaning / Cabin Cleaning Services
  • Catering services
  • Cargo security and security
  • Drinking water and sewage service

We focus on developing long-term relationships and comprehensive solutions for air services, we are the only CEIV Pharma certified for the attention of ramp flights, thus achieving a differentiator in the industry.

  • We obtained the CEIV Pharma certificate issued by IATA in February 2021.
  • We have trained personnel to handle shipments with passive and active packaging for each operation.
  • Our team always operates under the strictest standards of hygiene and disinfection and is exclusively for handling shipments for expedited handling upon arrival or departure of the flight.
  • We prepare detailed checklists for support at each point of the operation.
  • We generate special reports for the shipment of pharma.
  • Preparation of SOP according to customer needs.
  • We define clear SLAs for the correct handling of shipments.


We have 12 distribution centers in the main cities of the country, all with the best infrastructure for handling your shipments, we can also offer a door-to-door service to more than 20,000 locations within the Mexican Republic.
< br /> We develop solutions tailored to your needs such as:

  • Storage and safekeeping of shipments
  • Preparation and supervision of cargo for transportation.
  • Product distribution, collection and last mile


We have the processes, staff and cutting-edge technology at an international level that allows us to offer services such as:

  • 24/7 cargo monitoring, through our control center which has a unique scope in the market.
  • Insured cargo, mail or luggage, in addition to mitigating risks, we can insure your shipments or belongings through our insurance.
  • Artificial Intelligence and 360 Registry. With cutting-edge technology, we have information in real time to be able to act in the event of an incident.
  • Tracking of special shipments, we take care of the most important thing for our customers, monitoring from reception to delivery at final destination, including loading and unloading of the plane
  • Cargo insurance, with the lowest premium on the market, we offer the possibility of insuring your valuable or vulnerable shipments
  • Security report at the end of the operation we deliver a complete report in case of any incident, serving this as support and delimitation of responsibilities.


We have permission and technical facilities in our main hubs MEX, GDL and QRO offering online maintenance services giving them peace of mind and security in their operations through:

  • Maintenance online, transit, overnight and on call.
  • Technical personnel qualified by FAA and AFAC.
  • Subcontracting of technical personnel on site.
  • Warehouse for the control of tools and preserved aeronautical parts.
  • Service vehicles with tools and mobile desk.
  • Logistical support to get the articles in AOG on site.


We offer the sales representation service for national and international airlines, with a focus on customer service and revenue generation for the airline. We have extensive experience in the management and administration of airlines both in Mexico and in the United States (LAX).

We have a multilingual customer service (Spanish, English, French, Mandarin), which is recognized and in the market given the experience we have.

We manage to have the best interline agreements and long-term relationships with local and global clients.

Our proposal is based on:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Management of interline agreements
  • Marketing and strategic sales development
  • CASS system control


Our dispatch and flight planning services are focused on the local support of our clients, always taking care of the safety of each operation.

Our dispatch offices have:

  • Certification by AFAC.
  • Experienced personnel for cargo control and flight operations.
  • Technology for the supervision of aircraft operations.
  • Support and coordination with airport personnel and air traffic control.
  • Full record of the flight operation.
  • Addressing the aircraft (Marshalling).
  • Weight and Balance (dispatch).


We know the importance of pilots attention, that is why we have a reliable and totally comfortable service for our clients.

  • Plane - Terminal - Plane
  • Accompaniment of the crew
  • Assistance for immigration processing
  • Comfortable transportation


We know the importance of having a local partner who knows not only the government authorities but also the airport groups; That is why, in addition to our experience in the aeronautical environment, we have the advice to:

  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • Permits for chartering and / or regular operations
  • Management of schedules at the airport (slot)
  • Approach to the authorities
  • Special attention to government flights
  • Government Relations


We have a fully equipped training center in Mexico City where we currently offer the following:

  • Programs authorized by the civil aviation authority (AFAC)
  • Regulation of dangerous goods
  • Aviation Security (AVSEC)
  • RVSM for Operations Officer
  • Theoretical update of restricted aeronautical radio
  • Performance of the B-767-2 for the Operations Officer

Soon he will be certified and authorized to teach courses endorsed by IATA.


Through this service of technical and administrative personnel, we help your special and technical operations in air services, we have reliable human and legal resource management processes.
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics (AFAC and FAA certified)
  • Management supervisors, coordinators and line operators

Our recruitment, selection and hiring processes are highly reliable, thus achieving peace of mind in your operation and reducing staff turnover.


We offer the best service for the attention of your flights throughout the process, from the commercialization of tickets and ancillaries, as well as the attention to passengers at the airport.

Within this service we offer:

  • Sale of tickets and ancillaries, as well as reservations.
  • Attention at Counters (Check in).
  • Commissariat.
  • Customer Service at the airport.
  • WCH wheelchair assistance.
  • Baggage Room, Baggage Handling in connection or transfer.